Global Call of DBN Phoenix International Innovation Park

2023-04-06 14:05:11

Company Overview

Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co., Ltd. (DBN Group) was founded in 1993 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010. As an agricultural high-tech enterprise, DBN Group always adheres to the enterprise concept of co-development, and believes that innovation makes life better.

DBN Group is involved in multiple fields, including feed & animal health technological industry, pig-farming technological industry, crop technological industry ,dairy industry and agricultural internet. It has about 30000 employees, a core R & D team of 3000 people, over 220 production bases, and nearly 300 subsidiaries. In terms of global network construction, DBN Group has launched branches in the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands and other countries; And have established cooperative relationships with multiple overseas scientific research institutions and enterprises.

As the global headquarters of DBN Group, DBN Phoenix International Innovation Park (DBN Phoenix Park) covers an area of nearly 700,000 square meters, with a construction area of nearly 200,000 square meters and a value of 8 billion. It is the largest single agricultural enterprise R&D park in the world, and can accommodate 6000 R&D personnel.

With advanced basic research and applied basic research conditions, DBN Phoenix Park will be the "Silicon Valley" for global life science research. The Phoenix Laboratory located therein will become the forefront of global life science research, and a birthplace of future Nobel Prize winners.

Be the master of innovation in the wonderful world of life science! DBN Phoenix International Innovation Park is waiting for you!

Compensation & Benefits

· Cash Income: Basic salary, year-end bonus, supplementary housing allowance, and transportation and communication allowance;

· Environmental Growth: Company Values, customized training and development system, and trade union benefits and activities;

· Health Insurance: Medical insurance, supplementary commercial insurance, Global Business Travel Insurance, and annual checkup;

· Annual Welfare: Paid annual leave, paid sick leave, special company holidays, holiday and birthday points, flexible benefit plan, and long term service award;

· Family Care: Nursing leave, marriage holiday, perinatal leave, prenatal leave, maternity leave,incentive maternity leave, breastfeeding leave, paternity leave, and congratulations/condolences.

Work Location

· Beijing, P.R China


1. Administrative Director (1 position)


· 300,000 -500,000 annual salary

· Benefits and rewards


Fully responsible for the preparation, development and construction planning, and organization and implementation of the newly established life science laboratory (the Phoenix Lab), in accordance with the DBN Group's global development strategy and industrial needs;

Responsible for managing and supporting the daily operation of the Phoenix Lab;

Maintenance and management of laboratory instruments and equipment in functional order;

Responsible for the Phoenix Lab safety management and training to ensure the safety and compliance of research and development work;

Assist all departments of the company in overall coordination and handle internal and external relations;

Responsible for organizing academic exchange activities of the Phoenix Lab, effectively promoting international cooperation, and enhancing the international influence of the Phoenix Lab;

Responsible for completing other affairs (including emergencies) arranged by the leader,and assist each department in achieving laboratory research and development needs.


1. Have a doctoral degree in life science;

2. Have working experience in scientific research institutions, universities, or large enterprises;

3. Have strategic ideas and innovative thinking on the construction of life science laboratory, and have the ability to lead the Phoenix Lab to achieve domestic leadership and international advanced level in its cutting-edge fields;

4. Proficient in English, with good written and oral communication skills;

5. Have a strong sense of unity and collaboration,with professionalism and organizational management skills.

2. Chief Scientist (4 positions)

- Basic Research in Life Sciences (2), Gene Editing (1) and Synthetic Biology (1)


· 500,000 -1,000,000 annual salary

· Benefits and rewards


· Take the lead in formulating the overall development plan, implementation plan, fund utilization plan, and human resource allocation plan of the Phoenix Lab;

· Accurately grasp the development direction of the global life science field, and propose strategic, forward-looking, and original development strategies;

· With the goal of developing and creating major scientific and technological new products, organize, carry out research and tackle key core technologies on innovative and major practical issues in the agricultural field;

· For the leadership of promoting major scientific research projects, organizing research in key agricultural fields and industries, and producing a batch of original scientific research achievements that have significant impact on the development of agricultural sci-tech in the world;

· Identify and recruit outstanding talents, cultivate leading talents and young and middle-aged talents, and build a world-class research team in the field of life science.


· Have a doctoral degree in biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, protein engineering, metabolic engineering, fermentation engineering, or biochemical engineering.

· Have working experience in scientific research institutions, universities, or large enterprises; 

· Emphasize on R&D echelon construction, and be able to lead the innovation team to carry out major scientific or core key technology research;

· With world-class academic level, profound scientific literacy, forward-looking judgment, and interdisciplinary understanding; and have an international leading level in main research directions;

· Have great team organization, management, and leadership skills.

3. R&D Personnel (40 positions)


· 180,000 -300,000 annual salary

· Benefits and rewards


· Carry out life science basic research, gene editing, synthetic biology and other research projects;

· Organize and carry out directional basic and cutting-edge research focusing on the mission orientation and a certain main direction of the laboratory, which is leading, institutionalized, and institutionalized;

· Organize and undertake important scientific research projects, actively explore new research directions or engage in high-level technical research, solve relevant technical problems, and be able to achieve scientific research results recognized by peers at home and abroad;

· Promote the interdisciplinary integration of laboratory research work, strengthen external academic exchanges between laboratories, and enhance the visibility of the laboratory at home and abroad.


· Have Master's degree or above in biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, protein engineering, metabolic engineering, fermentation engineering, or biochemical engineering;

· Have working experience in scientific research institutions, universities, or large enterprises;

· Have solid professional basic knowledge and rich experimental experience, and be able to independently carry out scientific research work;

· Strong written and oral communication skills in both Chinese and English, having published papers in domestic and foreign academic journals, and excellent English reading and writing skills are preferred;

· Proactive, hardworking, strong sense of responsibility, good organizational and coordination skills, and team spirit.

4. R&D Assistant (5 positions)


· 150,000 -200,000 annual salary

· Benefits and rewards


· Responsible for sorting out important documents of research and development projects, financial allocation, and daily management;

· Responsible for writing annual progress reports and other documents for research and development projects;

· Responsible for laboratory research statistics, data analysis, and other work content;

· Responsible for daily management and operation maintenance of laboratory related instruments;

· Responsible for contacting all participating units of research and development projects, and assisting in organizing academic meetings;

· Complete other tasks arranged by the Chief Scientists.


· Have a master degree in biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, protein engineering, metabolic engineering, fermentation engineering, or biochemical engineering;

· Have a certain knowledge of language and writing, and be able to undertake research assistance work such as data collection, collation, and word processing;

· Have a good sense of responsibility and professionalism, good communication skills, can independently analyze and solve problems;

· Background in laboratory research management is preferred.


Think you are a great fit? We would love to have you onboard. Apply now!

Those positions are perfect for those looking for full-time job in life science research. DBN plays an active role in employee development and helps everyone achieve career goals:

Personal Development Plan: Work together to develop a detailed career "road-map" that balances the interests and aspirations of employees with the needs of the company.

Internal Promotion: Employees can freely choose and apply for various positions within the company.

Short and Medium-term Experience Opportunities: Through activities such as job rotation, experiential action projects, and assuming short-term project roles, DBN provides employees with a variety of short and medium term career development opportunities.

Learning and Development Opportunities: Employees can fully utilize learning and development opportunities on hundreds of topics to improve themselves, such as leadership and management skills, industry and position specific learning, and general business, manufacturing, financial, and technical skills

If you are looking for a promising job and opportunity for success, please join us!

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