Global Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Platform ( GAIN )

The world is in a period of great development, transformation and adjustment. Agriculture is facing new challenges and opportunities, and the importance of agricultural scientific and technological innovation is prominent. Throughout the global agriculture, the scientific and technological strength is moving from quantitative accumulation to qualitative leap, from point breakthrough to system capacity improvement, which has become one of the strategic guidelines for the development planning and policy-making of agricultural industry in the future.

China is an agricultural and populous country with extremely rich biological resources and one fifth of the world's population. In recent years, with economic development and attention to agricultural science and technology, China's agriculture has achieved leapfrog development in basic research, applied research and industrial development, and has entered the international advanced ranks in some fields. With the continuous growth of the middle-income class, the market demand for high-quality agricultural products is becoming stronger and stronger. The rapidly growing consumer market is constantly injecting strong impetus into the development of agricultural science and technology.

"Global agricultural science and technology innovation platform" is a public welfare global agricultural science and technology exchange and cooperation open platform built by Beijing dabainong International Technology Co., Ltd. It aims to attract and gather global agricultural enterprises, scientific research institutions and service institutions by building a platform for global agricultural exchange, scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation, facing the forefront of world agricultural science and technology, focusing on the common key core technologies of modern agriculture such as biological breeding, biological feed, agricultural biological agents, agricultural big data and agricultural artificial intelligence, focusing on international agricultural science and technology innovation resources and elements, Build a large-scale agricultural open innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and build an agricultural science and technology innovation position with leading role and global influence. Promote the progress of agricultural science and technology and serve the global agricultural food safety.